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On today's menu

Setting the path for an art-infused boutique hotel in Marrakech.

Shaping a Mediterranean restaurant in Belgium.

Twisting a pan-Asian food concept in Riyadh.

Boosting f&b facilities in a major Dutch museum.

Our practice is transitory and transnational. You can meet us IRL in Amsterdam or Antwerp. Or from anywhere else, online.

Enter the world with a big bang. We launch F&B brands or venues by creating a buzz like no one else does. Let’s make sure everything flows.

Short and long-term goals are great. But how do you achieve them? With tight analysis, smart positioning and financial planning.

We are known for places and brands that stand out. Like really stand out. So if you’re up for that, let’s build a strong concept that drives day-to-day decisions and attracts the right people.

We've done a thing or two in F&B ourselves. Don’t reinvent the wheel and get our expert advice on business performance, services, efficiency, staff training and tech.

Let us help improve your space. We'll streamline operations and flow, create better guest experiences and help build a vibe.

Our parent company, Zware Jongens, has a ton of experience in branding, design and communication. Together we can guide you from start to finish, if there is one. Injecting new life into an existing brand or starting an ambitious new project? You know who to call.